Oath of Romain

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Oath of Romain

Post by Romain on 20/08/11, 04:48 pm

At present offshore aboard my boat "Royal Scotland" I sends you this message of allegiance to our new King of Scotland for my fiefs of Eglinton and Caerlaverock.

I sall be leille and treu to you my Leige Lord Schire Rothar King of Scots, and not heir your skaith, nor see it, but I sall let it at all my power, and warn you thereof; Your counsaill heile that you shaw me, the best counsaile I can to give you when ze charge me. In verbo Dei, and als help me God, and holy evangells.

August 20th 1459

Lord Romain de Saint-Clair
"Albany" Herald of Arms
Scottish Ambassador
Earl of Eglinton, Castellan of Caerlaverock
Baron de Pouancé, Seigneur de Sainte Gemme


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