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The oath of a knight Empty The oath of a knight

Post by Romain on 24/06/11, 01:15 pm

The oath of a knight
(Nisbet, 'System of Heraldry', Vol. II, Part IV, p.

  1. I shall fortify and defend the true Christian
    Religion, and Christ's holy evangel, now
    presently preached within this realm to the
    utmost of my power.
  2. I shall be loyal and true to my sovereign Lord
    the King's Majesty, to all orders of chivalry,
    and to the notable Office of Arms.
  3. I shall fortify and defend justice at my power,
    and that without favour or fead.
  4. I shall never flee from my sovereign Lord the
    King's Majesty, nor from his highness's
    lieutenants in time of mellay or battle.
  5. I shall defend my native realm from all alieners
    and strangers.
  6. I shall defend the just action and quarrel of all
    ladies of honour, of all true and friendless
    widows, of orphans, and of maidens of good fame.
  7. I shall do diligence wheresoever I hear there are
    any murderers, traitors, and masterful reavers,
    that oppress the King's lieges, and poor people,
    to bring them to the law at my power.
  8. I shall maintain and uphold the noble estate of
    chivalry, with horse, harness, and other knightly
    abuliments, and shall help and succour them of
    the same order at my power, if they have need.
  9. I shall enquire and seek to have the knowledge
    and understanding of all these articles and
    points contained in the book of chivalry

All these I promise to observe, keep, and fulfil, I
oblesse me. So help me, my God, by my own hand. So help
me God.

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